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Return, Refund and Cancellation Policy

Bourgeon foods always wants to ensure a great experience for its customers. Hence we came up with following policies:

Cancellation Policy:  To avoid any mishaps cancellation or modification in your order will be accepted only before the package has been shipped, after that our hands are tied. To modify or cancel your order call us on +91 80851-12345 or write us at [email protected]

Return and Refund: StrawFit is a grade one quality product and we pay utmost care at the time of its delivery. Since to protect a delicate packaged food item and avoid any sort of adulteration, StrawFit is placed under the category of “Non-Refundable” and “Non-Returnable” commodity.

However, if it gets verified that due to unavoidable circumstances, the customer did not receive the item, refund will be generated within 72 hours of purchase.

We hope you understand too.

*Applicable  only when purchased through the StrawFit website.

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