Why is good immunity important in children of growing age?|Strawfit

Why care for your kid's immunity?

Immunity is the shield to a kid's body. But, still it is the attribute taken for granted by many mothers. Maybe, most of them are never aware that the immunity levels of their kids are strikingly low.  So, why is good Immunity important in children of growing age?
If you or your kid is falling ill frequently, don't blame it on the climate. If your kids can’t recover from an injury quickly, don't blame it on the medicines. Do not keep blaming the physician, methods of treatment or misfortune. All such notions are quite impractical. The root cause of it, is bad “Immunity levels" and that is why it is so important to care for your kid's immunity.
Immunity is an ability of our body to defend us from pathogens and helps recover from illness. When a person suffers from  lack of immunity, a series of problems may arise.
Reasons that good immunity is important in children of growing age:
  • A human undergoes the highest amount of Growth during the first five years of his birth, and then this period of “extreme growth” extends until a child hits puberty.
  • Thus, it is the stage when a child needs maximum nourishment and very strong immunity.
  • Children in their growing phase have to spend a lot of time on the field, under the scorching heat. This is when they’ll become strong.
  • They play more outdoor games and should have more energy levels.
  • They come in frequent contact with other kids and are more vulnerable to diseases.
Today when they stand at the best times in their lives, the only thing that “opportunities” would say to them is
“If not now, when? ”