3 magical benefits of colostrum every young mother should know.
Colostrum has many healthy benefits attached to it. Yet people are unaware of this substance and the magical benefits of colostrum, especially for kids.

In this article, we have curated for you the top 3 magical benefits of Colostrum-

1. A store house of Antibodies:

A healthy baby is happy and her mom is super happy too. One magic ingredient that your child needs to steer clear of infections is Colostrum! It is the first form of milk that mothers produce immediately after the delivery of their new born. It is the highest source of nutrients like fats, carbohydrates and proteins in the right formulation, which make is easy to digest .  Children are playful and not very cautious about cleanliness. Hence infection resisting antibodies like lymphocytes and macrophages found in Colostrum, similar to those in blood could be the answer to your child’s immunity.

2. It protects your child’s Gastrointestinal tract:

If your child is past the breast feeding stage, it’s very obvious that all antibodies that were being supplied naturally, have stopped. What next? You wouldn’t want to be struggling with giving him or her food which is difficult to digest. Another magical benefit of colostrum is that it is full of natural enzymes that line the gut and helps filter out any harmful particles. It also is a great protection from allergies caused by food. So, if your kid is prone to allergies, Colostrum maybe the answer to it.

3. It helps keep neuro disorders at bay:

One of the biggest benefits of Colostrum is that it keeps neurological disorders, which might manifest themselves much later in life, far from your child. It makes the immune system so strong that the body becomes capable of delaying the aging process. Hence a large number of neuro diseases like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, memory loss, etc. do not strike. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Mothers are always on the lookout for products that take care of the kid from inside. This could be one of the best options – tastier, healthier, easy to store and use.
There are many options available in market that are rich in colostrum like colostrum powder, colostrum milk flavoring straws amongst many others. Colostrum containing milk-flavoring-straws can also help your child get rid of the bottle feeding habit.