Why switch from bottle to cup for toddlers- 4 reasons to know.
Although there can be many reasons you should switch from bottle to cup for toddlers, we have picked for you the critical 4. 

#1. Bottles lead to obesity

Once your baby has started on solid food but still continues to feed from a bottle, chances are that he or she will consume extra calories. By the time such a child reaches the age of 6, he is already obese making this a top reason to switch from bottle to cup for toddlers. According to a recent research, 18 months is the age limit you should allow your child to bottle feed. Start the process of slow weaning from the age of 1 and introduce your child to something like a sipper or a cup with a straw.

#2. Tooth decay is a result of prolonged bottle use 

Children usually drift into sleep while sucking on the bottle. During sleep, the body secretes less saliva needed to wash away food particles resulting in tooth decaying. Milk or juices sucked through the bottle don’t allow sugar and acids contained in them to be washed away soon, and they stay longer on the toddler’s teeth. This is the easiest way to attract cavities and one a prime reason you should  switch from bottle to cup for toddlers.

#3. Lying down and feeding causes ear infection

More often than not, toddlers lie down to feed from a bottle and go off to sleep. Some of the milk rolls down to the back of the throat and just stays there causing bacteria to grow. This goes straight into the ear and toddlers can develop ear infection.

#4. Constant sucking from a bottle can affect the development of facial muscles

Paediatricians vouch for the fact that constant sucking from the bottle can change the position of a toddler’s teeth. It can also affect the development of his/her palate (roof of the mouth) and facial muscles. This leads to orthodontic disorders which require braces later on. This is a painful process which can be avoided through a little vigilance on mommy dear’s part.
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