Three easy ways to say goodbye to the bottle feeding habit

Three easy and simple ways to get your child say goodbye to their bottle feeding habit-

There are three quick ways about getting your child say goodbye to their bottle feeding habit, which happens to be the most difficult part of transition. But, remember even with quick tricks, patience is the key.

#1.  Cold turkey/Weaning

Cold turkey - Simply means that it's time for you to toss aside all feelings and remove the bottle immediately. It’s also more difficult because parents think they’re being cold hearted and cruel to the child.
Weaning - It is a slow process of bottle removal, wherein you reduce bottle feeding time gradually, that is one feed a day. This one feed should ideally be the mid-day bottle first and then the morning one. Whichever way you decide, stick to it, because children will throw tantrums. Stay strong!

#2. Get rituals like solid eating in the morning and bedtime feeding into place

Remember that feeding bottle is a source of comfort and you will have to design ways, to make the child forget it. Before you remove the bottle, get your child into eating something solid in the morning. A full stomach will prevent him or her want the bottle soon. Try storytelling, a warm bath or simply snuggling with the child which will help dispel the discomfort of the feeding bottle.

#3. Milk Flavoring Substances

If your child is being stubborn about leaving the bottle, take the nipple off and offer the bottle with a straw. You can take this a step further by adding a flavoured straw filled with goodness to his routine. This will take care of essential nutrients you feel are being missed.
If you are still not sure about why you should get rid of the bottle feeding habit, try reading in detail.
So, go ahead parents, make it happen. It’ll take time, but it’s worth it!