Why more health and nourishment for gen Z?| Strawfit
The Era has transformed entirely. The new generation, genZ uses Hi-tech Gadgets , invent Robots , discovers Universe and what not. It is the responsibility for Caregivers to provide an environment that helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is the reason that more healthy growing and nourishment for Gen Z is required. The super parenting skills (SPS) to balance the life from Food to Fitness to blend the junks with nourishment can be called as Good Parenting Practice in current scenario .

Limit Sugar in Child’s Diet

Sugar is the simplest and direct source of carbohydrates. Added sugar carries a lot of empty calories. It increases the risk of obesity, type 2 Diabetes and mood disorders in kids and teenagers. On the contrary, having a No Sweet Rule increases the sugar craving and it gets harsh to completely eliminate sweets and candies from a child's routine. A good way is to choose a food that contains natural sweeteners as our body is also naturally equipped to consume such plant derived sugars . Be a role model to your own child in choosing Sugars, start practicing the good sugar theory at home and it will naturally run down in the family . This indirect message will help the child to cut down on added artificial sugars .

Say No to Artificials

The word “Artificial” is best suited with Intelligence not with Food . Colourful Food is appetizing for kids but these artificial food additives are associated with adverse behavioural effects . Artificial preservatives and flavours are a source of allergic reactions and may lead to toxicity in susceptible children. First educate your child about the difference in natural and artificial additives and then help  your child to pick a food which contains natural additives . This would retain the liveliness of colours in your child's life in a natural way.

Engage in Energizing Exercise

Exercise not only helps improves Fitness but energizes the mind and soul. It builds a positive attitude and strengthens confidence. Exercise is as important for children as it is for adults. Probably, one of the best ways of more healthy growing and nourishment for gen Z. Sadly, the Gadget Era has raised a concern amongst parents on how to cut off a child's screen time and engage them in physical workout. Restricting a child not to watch screens and forcing them to do excessive workouts may damage the child emotionally.
  • How to motivate kids for exercise:

Balancing the screen time and exercise time may help more instead of elimination technique. Let us talk a way to choose the activities inspired from screen like- Promoting kids to watch sports in screen times and this may motivate the child to play the way they see. Every child has an inherent ENERGY which matches with one of the many sports, its parent’s role now to help choose the sport or exercise the child connects with . Every choice of sport defines the personality of a being. So let the child raise with its own defined personality .

Improve the Immunity

There is a quote-“ Immunity is the key to Good Health ”. A child inherits DNA from Parents but immuning the DNAs is an eventual developing process. Immunity helps combat many of the infections. Immunity booster foods include- green Leafy vegetables, Fruits, milk protein, powdered foods like Yogurt and many more. But with vast availability of junk food it gets harder to convince a child to eat Immuned foods.
  • How to help kids improve immunity:

Converting a boring healthy food to tempting food will surely change the child's perception towards Good eating and good growing . Engaging with child in cooking process is a way to have quality time with child and it's also the perfect time to explain the good qualities of nutritional foods. By default this quality information will always remain in cerebrum of your child and will help him in differentiating between good and bad food.