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We’ve crafted a pack full of the 3 flavours chocolate strawberry and vanilla all together. 30 straws, 3 flavours in 1 pack & all for you. Enjoy different flavour everytime you open the Assorted Treat. Immunity BoosterEasy to UseNatural Flavours...


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Enjoy the guilt-free chocolate in every sip of Strawfit Cheerful Chocolate.Milk Flavouring Straws with true flavour of cocoa and goodness of colostrum. Just Dip & Sip. Immunity BoosterEasy to UseNatural Flavour


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We bet you haven't enjoyed the goodness of real strawberries like this ever before. Milk gets wrapped with the strawberry beads when sipped through the straw, magically transforming plain milk into a delightful, nutritious strawberry drink. Immunity BoosterEasy to UseNatural...


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Savour the classic flavour of vanilla with the natural sweetness in the straw – Strawfit Bon Vanilla. Experience the smoothness of vanilla in every sip. Immunity BoosterEasy to UseNatural Flavour