10 ways to boost your child's self-esteem
One problem that parents might face is that their kids in the growing age can fall low on self-esteem. It hinders child development in many possible negative ways. We are sharing with you 10 simple ways to boost your child's self-esteem and confidence. Remember with every way, patience is the key.
10 ways that can boost your child's self-esteem are:

Communicate every day:

This is by far the most effective step to boost your child's self-esteem. Kids might not be able to easily communicate their problems to you. Talk to them every day and ask them questions about their daily routine in school, friends and the productive things your kids learned. If your kid is feeling low and is not talking to you properly, you need to be patient and might have to ask them repetitively about what's bothering them.

Help kids make their own choices:

Authoritative parenting is considered to be ineffective for kids. It lowers their decision-making capabilities and self-esteem. Kids making their own age-appropriate choices tend to feel more powerful which helps with child development. Let your kids decide on their own that whether they want to wear a coat, hat, and top in winter or eat french fries or healthy meal at night. Guide them, if they do it the wrong way then.

Foster a growth mindset:

Teach your kids to have a growth mindset. Make them believe that their abilities can improve over time. Children who can't perform well in a test or event can fall easily on low self-esteem. Do not shout on your kids when they do not perform well as supposed. Tell them to take it as a challenge and put more effort.

Show them, successful role models:

Kids tend to learn the best when they are quoted a few examples of successful people around them. If your kid is having low self-esteem, give him/her the examples of successful people- athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs, artists, astronauts, etc.., and share their stories of hard work and efforts with them. This helps to boost the child's confidence and lowers their anxiety for failure.

Do not over-praise your kids:

Remember, one thing- If you keep telling your child that she is already doing a fantastic job, you’re saying she no longer needs to push herself which means lowering the bar for them. The real confidence comes from doing, from trying and failing and trying again- that's practice. One way to boost your kid's self-esteem is to make them feel loved and secured while developing confidence simultaneously.

Encourage your kids to participate in extra-curricular activities:

Introduce your kids to Extracurricular activities at an early age. This helps them to find their hobbies and interests which further boosts their self-esteem by excelling in a particular activity. Never forget the quote- "An empty mind is a devil's workshop."

Mention them that your love for them is unconditional:

Do not love or scream on them based on their achievements. Make your kids clear that your love does not depend solely on their success and failures. Help them understand that you will love them no matter what. This is a very effective way to boost their self-esteem by making them feel protected and loved.

Check your child's goals and make sure they are under their ability:

Sagar was heavily impressed by the life of Astronauts. He got involved in it very much isolating himself from his friends. Gradually, he started cutting himself everywhere. Any social circle would make him feel uncomfortable and under-confident. This is what can happen with your kid too if you are not scrutinizing your kids' goals. Make sure to teach your kids that goals are important but have to be achieved by taking small steps.
Do not lose sleep over it: Parents should never think that struggles and failure will hurt their kids’ self-esteem. Do not panic. Take a chill pill and help your kid to take it as an opportunity to excel.

Encourage them to help with household chores:

Do not give your kids the freedom to miss all their responsible chores. This will make them physically inactive and mentally irresponsible. Show them their responsibility for the day. Getting the tasks done on time will bring them confidence and boost their self-confidence.
Last, but not the least, as parents, it's important to remember to be patient with your kid and adopt the right kind of parenting type. Patience is the key.