5 Parenting Tips that every Mommy and Daddy should know
AAh! The world of Parenting. The biggest responsibility for a couple is to nurture their child responsibly and attentively. After all, your child is going to be young soon and you are the one behind his nurturing and existence. Although there are no standard parenting tips, based on hours of our research with parents and counsellors, we have curated the top 5 parenting tips that work fine with almost everybody.

Parenting Tips #1- Guide your children without micromanaging them.

Parenting tips to teach your kid
Research indicates that kids who are raised by controlling parents are far less independent and hence less likely to develop problem-solving skills.
Solution: Show Warmth and affection to your kids, without indulging in their every decision.

What will help you(Parenting Advice)-

  • Take time off from your kid's activities, maybe for self-care.
  • If you are very observant about your kid's behavior, keep yourself in the same place where you're always put an eye on.

Parenting Tips #2 - Don't shout on your children unnecessarily.

No matter how many times you've made up your mind to not shout on your kids, but when your children are driving you up to the wall, it certainly isn’t easy to stop yourself from yelling.
Solution: Don't try to control your child's behavior. Instead, understand their perspectives and feelings.

What will help you-

  • Don't give them threats. Instead reward them, by giving them a task.
  • Take a few deep breaths if you feel your anger out of control.
  • Find out, what unmet needs your child has, to get into the root cause of the issue.

Parenting Tips #3- Manage your stress successfully

Do you know that your stress can affect your kid's mental health for years to come? Your stress should never become a way of your child's life.
Solution: Good Parenting requires you to be as frank and normal as you can with your kids.

What will help you-

  • Take a positive approach to the world. Show your kids too, the bright side of the world.
  • Try Pollyanna Power- Remembering the good things that happened to you- especially the birth of your child.

Parenting Tip #4- Give your kids positive attention.

If your kids do not receive positive attention within the family, they will seek outside for negative attention.
Solution: Communicate with them frequently.

What will help you-

  • Take them to small outings as simple as to an ice cream outlet.
  • Ask them everyday questions.

Parenting tip #5-  Get your kids their daily nutrition.

Do you know that milk for your kids is very essential? What if they drink it on their own?
Solution: Try out various milk-flavoring straws available in the market. Your kids will love it because of the convenience and taste.

What will help-

  • Try to buy milk-flavoring straws which have essential nutrients and minerals in it. You can also get straws with colostrum added to it that has various additional benefits similar to that of the mother's milk.
Along with this, it's really important to know about the kind of your parenting style  you follow and incorporating these small tips into it. If you want to know about your parenting style, read our article