Do you know the parenting style you are using with your kid?
You might have no clue that the ways you are upbringing your child can all be counted into one of the parenting styles. Your parenting style can affect everything from your child's moods to their mental and social abilties.
The problem is, that as parents, many of us have no idea about what parenting methods are we using to nurture our kid.
Read this article carefully to know what's yours. While, each style takes a different approach to raising children, researchers have identified 4 basic types of parenting styles. Do any of these statements sound like you?
1) Authoritarian Parenting-
  • You have fixed rules for your kids.
  • You don't hear your kids much often.
  • Consider your feelings superior to your kids feelings.
2) Authoritative Parenting
  • You put a lot of effort into maintaining a positive and healthy relationship with your kid.
  • Explain the reasons behind your decisions.
  • You take your child's feeling into consideration.
3) Permissive Parenting
  • You do set rules but rarely enforce them.
  • Don't reach out to consequences very often.
  • Believe that your child will learn best with little interference from you.
4) Uninvolved Parenting
  • You don't ask your child any questions about school or homework.
  • You rarely know where your child is or about his/her colleagues.
  • Spend little time with your child.
Once you have decided which category of parenting styles do you fall in, it's really necessary to know about the effects they can have on your kids nurturing and growth. To read about the detailed information, read the effects that different parenting style have on kids.