What effects can your parenting style have on your kids?
As parents, we all have a parenting style that we adopt to train our kids in the best possible manner. But, what if your parenting style is wrong and not good enough to nurture your child in the right way? We have taken into opinion various researches and advices from the Parenting coaches and gurus on what exactly is a good or bad parenting style and determined the various effects of parenting styles on your kids.  If you have no idea about your parenting style, we recommend you to read this article, click here.
Apparently, out of all of these, authoritative parenting is considered to be the most recomendable good parenting style. I will tell you, why?

Effect of Different Parenting Style on kids-

Authoritarian Parenting:

If that's the case, be alert. Children of authoritative parenting might follow rules all the time but are at a higher risk of developing self-esteem problems as their opinion is not valued. To put clearly, there are bad effects of this parenting style on your kids.

They can't make decisions on their own and struggle to find solutions to difficult situations. Once they cross their teens, such kids might turn rebellious to their own parents.
Authoritative Parenting-
Children raised with authoritative discipline tend to be more happy and successful. They're good at self-decision making and evaluating safety risks on their own.
They are happy and are more aware about the good and bad. Such kids also follow a good routine of their physical health.

Permissive parenting- 

Permissive parents are lenient and they only step in when there's a serious problem. They live with an attitude of "kids will be kids."
Effect of permissive parenting style on kid
Although such kids are usually happy and confident, they are more likely to struggle academically. They don't appreciate authority and rules and may exhibit  behavioral problems and lot of sadness outside their family.
They're also at a higher risk for health problems, like obesity and dental hygiene as kids usually become too lenient with less control over them.

Uninvolved parenting- 

Unintentional but neglectful parents can find their kids to  struggle with self-esteem issues. They tend to perform very poor in school and exhibit frequent behavior problems and rank poor in happiness. They usually lack any manners and etiquettes.
Conclusion: While it's not mandatory that you fall into one of these categories, you can be a mix of more than one at different times. But, now since you have read the effects they have on kids, make sure adopt a heathy and good parenting approach for your kids. Maybe, authoritative parenting works wonders for you!