Change your Child's Behavior with simple parenting hacks.

If you wanna change your Child's behavior, then you have to learn to be more patient with your kids.

You might be looking to change your child's behavior. Well, if you've landed here, I assume your kid is showing one of these behavioral problems-

         ⦁   Temper Tantrums, Emotional Outbursts, Disrespecting Nature, Mannerless with no courtesy at all or bad habits.
Remember that children tend to continue a behavior if it's rewarded. If you want to stop it at all, you have to ignore their behavior consistently. When you think your child's behavior might be a problem, consider one of these 3:

  1. Remember, few behavioral issues are the direct result of a child's age and stage of development.
  2. Attempt to ignore your child's inappropriate behavior, by either ignoring or punishing it.
  3. Reinforcement time- Introduce a new and healthy behavior to your kid in the same situations.

To encourage the desired behavior, one best way is to use a Reward System.

There is one simple way to change the child's behavior. Children should learn that their bad behavior will not be tolerated and good behavior will be awarded. Choose a reward your kid will enjoy such as- their favorite snack, playing games, delay in bedtime, or maybe a small amount of money. Being patient with your kids is the key. Explain them the desired behavior. If the child does, what you've asked for, reward them. You can help your child if necessary without being too involved in it. Because even negative attention from you can be so rewarding to your children, that they might end up preferring it over a reward.
While a physical punishment such as spanking might help, the results are temporary and out of fear. It is very important to discipline your child in the right way by telling them about the importance of good behavior.

Also, accept your child's behavior and basic personality- talkative, social, active or shy. Make the desired changes accordingly. Do not push them to extremes to change their behavior that's a part of their personality type.
And while you are going through this process, remember they are kids. Their brains are not evolved to fine-tuning and few things will come with growth and experience. Do not put them under pressure of change, but carry out this process smoothly.
So, mommies, Mission On!